The Aerobie AeroPress is a unique way to brew coffee. The coffee is also sludge free as this coffee maker uses paper micro-filters to prevent any solids passing into the cup. In fact the AeroPress makes such great coffee that it inspired a group of coffee professionals to start the World AeroPress Championships.

The AeroPress is also quick - it can brew coffee in less than a minute. This is because it uses pressure, like an espresso machine, to speed up the extraction of flavour. But unlike an espresso machine: it's easier to use and clean, it's much cheaper and it's far better for the environment.

The AeroPress is made from robust copolyester (plastic) so can be used anywhere: at home, in the office or even on your travels. It makes great coffee and it's great value for money, which makes it an absolute must-have for any coffee lover.

Made co-polyester (plastic)
Comes with: 350 x AeroPress paper micro-filters, coffee scoop, stirrer, funnel, and optional tote bag; as well as instructions.

Made in USA

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